May 30: Suzanne Newcomb, piano

Performing: Water Dance by Karen Tanaka

Paired with Artwork: The Mediterranean by Claude Monet 1888

Musician statement: The Mediterranean, by Claude Monet, has a unique way of showing the movement of the water by using a wide range of colors. One can almost hear water splashing against the coastline. The brighter colors in the foreground suggest a cool transparency as compared to the darker blues farther out toward the horizon.

About the music: The title Water Dance suggests cool, transparent water flowing freely. The work is a joyful dance with pleasant feelings of a pulse, where the water occasionally whispers to us through its shimmering play with light. The music presents a rich, flickering and changing texture: just as the water flows constantly and never the same phase. –Karen Tanaka, composer

Suzanne Newcomb is an active solo and collaborative pianist in Columbus, Ohio.  Dr. Newcomb is on the piano faculty at Otterbein University where she teaches piano and chamber music. For thirty-five years she has maintained a successful private studio.   An associate musician with the Columbus Symphony Orchestra, she also plays in several area orchestras and in local chamber groups.  Suzanne holds degrees from CCM and the Peabody Conservatory at Johns Hopkins, including a DMA under Leon Fleisher.