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Wednesday, May 11th @ 7:30pm
Join our dress rehearsal on stage with violinist Siwoo Kim.

Sunday, May 15th
Private reception for Siwoo Kim, violin
Sponsored by David and Kathy Cocuzzi

Video Productions
Exclusive access to full concert video productions in the Ron Lykins Concert Series

Earth Day Experience
Caroline Hong, piano and Adrian Wyard, visual choreographer

Masterworks Three
Sunday April 24th | 5pm
Fritsche Theatre at Cowan Hall

A Treat for the Senses! Peter Stafford Wilson
Video Choreography – Adrian Wyard
Beauty of the Yellow River – Caroline Hong,
Composer Libby Larsen tells us she is love with the Earth!

Enjoy an immersive video experience with stunning landscape footage accompanying Dvořák’s New World Symphony.

Caroline Hong, piano
Adrian Wyard, visual Artist

Libby Larsen: Deep Summer Music

Yin Chengzong and Chu Wanghua, et al: Yellow River Concerto

Dvořák: Symphony no. 9, op. 95 “From the New World”

Masterworks Two Postponed to May 15th at 5 pm.

Siwoo Kim plays Beethoven!

Ron Lykins Concert Series
Peter Stafford Wilson, Music Director

Peter Stafford Wilson
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