In-Kind Donations

Successful Operations Require More Than Cash

Every year, the Westerville Symphony presents more than a dozen concerts and other performances, as well as a number of fundraising and social events. In addition to those actual performances, there is a lot of work that goes into the running the business of the orchestra behind the scenes. As such, there are many, many ways other than money that you can help the Symphony.

We are always looking for in-kind donations to reduce the cost of our operations and help us increase our revenues and donations. From refreshments for our musicians and patrons to items for our annual silent auctions, there are countless ways you or your organization can provide assistance.

If you are in the position to provide any gifts in kind or have any ideas regarding the exchange of services or products, please send us a note or give Sean Brewster, our executive director, a call at (614) 899-9000.

Types of Products and Services Needed

  • Food and Beverages for Symphony Events
  • Accommodations for Guest Musicians
  • Photography and Video Production
  • News/Writing Contributors
  • Printing
  • Office Supplies and Postage
  • Items for Silent Auctions
  • Office Space/Rent