Welcome to the Westerville Symphony!

There is something intrinsically nurturing about symphonic music.  It feeds our soul, it stimulates our intellect, it entertains, it calms, and it ignites our imagination.  Music has that unique ability to express passion and compassion in the same instant, and truly communicates in ways much more meaningful than the limits of mere language.  The symphony orchestra is the ultimate example of the end result being far greater than the sum of the individual talents. It will move you in ways you never dreamed imaginable if you dare to allow it.

With each season, I strive to create programs populated with treasured favorites and challenging new sounds in as diverse an array of style as possible. This season we will celebrate two vastly different regions of the world, Scandinavia and Mexico, both with a richness of musical culture and musical vocabulary.  We will also explore two Russian composers, contemporary to each other, as we celebrate the 100th anniversary of one of the iconic multi-media works in the repertoire and one of the earliest scores written for a motion picture.  Soloists from within the Orchestra and the Otterbein Community will join the Westerville Symphony, and we will take our music to other venues in central Ohio as we share our talents with ever expanding audiences. Our offerings for younger listeners will delight through the music of a regional composer, and our commitment to Otterbein University will yield an enticing new event.

Seize every opportunity to Join in the excitement and experience the excellence that is the Westerville Symphony at Otterbein University!

- Peter Stafford Wilson